Short-Term Therapeutic Consultations


Therapy asks you to be vulnerable and authentic with another person—to be deeply vulnerable and authentic in a way that feels helpful and transformative requires a sense of safety and trust that can only be developed over time.

Occasionally, people do not necessarily need or want therapy, but they want help addressing a specific issue. This might be something like:

  • Assessing readiness for getting married or parenthood

  • Making a career change

  • Embarking on an out-of-state move

  • Achieving a specific, concrete goal related to school or work (such as applying to grad schools, applying for a promotion, or selecting a thesis topic).

For these issues, a short-term therapeutic consultation may be helpful. Similar to therapy, these consultations are not about me telling you what to do. Rather, they are about me facilitating your ability to think about the choices you are contemplating via observations, clarifications, and reflective prompts. However, unlike therapy, these consultations are not aimed at dealing with emotional or relational problems, such as anxiousness, depressive symptoms, infidelity, or self-harming.

These consultations are generally 5-15 sessions. We will work on:

  • Reflecting on your motivations for making these changes.

  • Assessing your readiness, internal resources, and external resources for making these changes.

  • Identifying obstacles, both internal and external, to making these changes.

Before beginning a short-term therapeutic consultation, we will need to have an initial assessment meeting to determine that this is appropriate for your goals and needs.