Ghosts in the Nursery training for Birth Professionals

Are you a doula, midwife, or OB who has heard about the importance of identifying depression, anxiety, OCD, and trauma in new parents, but isn’t sure how to do it effectively?

Maybe you’re finding that the scales you’ve been given to have patients hand out don’t seem to capture the range of feelings and emotional challenges your clients and patients face during pregnancy and postpartum.

Maybe you’re finding that someone is experiencing depression or anxiety related to their pregnancy, birth, or baby if though they seem to be doing everything “right” and you’re at a loss for how to help.

Maybe when you hear about your client or patient’s traumatic birth experience, you feel too overwhelmed, scared, sad, or angry to really hear them, process what they’re saying, and be helpful.

Maybe you’re not sure where or how to make an appropriate referral for a client or patient who needs therapy to address depression, anxiety, OCD, or trauma during pregnancy or postpartum.

This one-day seminar will address each of these needs and more. We will learn about how pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences can revive painful memories, feelings, and relational patterns that contribute to postpartum depression and anxiety. We will cover how to identify this and talk about this with your clients or patients. We will also cover how to assess when your client or patient needs a referral to a therapist, and how to develop relationships with clinicians in your community that are familiar with the unique ways depression, anxiety, and OCD can show up in pregnancy and postpartum. Importantly, we’ll also discuss how to assess your own reactions and take care of yourself during and following traumatic births, and discussions of birth traumas, depression, and anxiety. 

Fall dates coming soon!

 Using Countertransference Effectively Consultation Group

Are you clinician who wants to learn how to understand your patients more deeply to enhance and advance your clinical work? Have you struggled with having strong emotional reactions to patients? Have you struggled with your patients having strong emotional reactions to you? This group will help you not only learn to contain these reactions, but also to transform them into a vehicle of therapeutic change.

In this ten-week group, offered 2-3 times per year, we will use case presentations, readings, process recordings, and the Group Affective Model to learn to translate your subjective experience of your patient into an instrument that deepens the treatment.

We will cover how your various reactions to the patient can be used to gain insight into the patient’s inner world and what is happening between you and the patient, which can be used to formulate observations, interpretations, and reflections to share with the patient. Those reactions include:

  • Emotional reactions (countertransference)

  • Somatic reactions

  • Changing the frame (changing the fee, not enforcing cancellation policy, letting patients go past the ending time, etc)

  • Thinking about the patient outside of session

  • Dreaming about your patient.

In this group, we will learn how these experiences of yours can be helpful in understanding:

  • The patient’s inner world, including how they’ve internalized important others and relationships

  • The patient’s core conflicts and struggles

  • Issues the patient runs into in real relationships

  • The patient’s developmental process, including areas needing special attention

 Each week, we will help you develop your ability to sift through all of this material and turn it into effective interventions with your patients.

Group now forming for fall session. Dates TBH. Spaces limited!

For licensed clinicians onlyClinicians with limited licenses are welcome, but this is not a replacement or substitute for regular, ongoing supervision as required by your profession’s licensure requirements.